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Due Date/ Deadline (in the following month)

  • PAYE – 9th
  • NHIF – 9th
  • NSSF – 9th
  • Affordable Housing Levy – 9th
  • HELB – 15th
  • NITA –  filed & paid together with PAYE
  • TOT – 20th
  • DST – 20th
  • Minimum Tax – 4 installments by the 20th day of the 4th, 6th, 9th and 12th month of the year of income (This tax is currently suspended as at 01-01-2022, awaiting a court decision)
  • Fringe Benefits Tax – 10th
  • Retirement Benefit Contribution – 10th
  • VAT (and return) – 20th
  • Withholding Tax – Effective July 2023, the due date for the payment of WHIT, WHRENT and WHVAT is now 5 working days from the date of payment to the supplier/ withholder. This takes into account weekends and holidays and iTax will automatically impose late payment penalty and interest as provided by the TPA Act for all late payments.
  • Rental Income (tax return & payment) (New 2016 regime) – 20th of the following month
  • Excise Duty – 20th
  • Tourism Levy – 10th
  • Kenya Bureau of Standards Levy – 20th
  • Online Portal:


  • Advance Tax – 20th of 1st month of year of income
  • SACCO Societies Deposit Levy – 30th January
  • IRA Levies – End of the month following the end of the quarter
  • RBA Levy & Scheme Audited Accounts – End of 6th month after year-end


Tax is due in 4 equal installments within the year:

  • 1st by 20th of the 4th month
  • 2nd by 20th of the 6th month
  • 3rd by 20th of the 9th month
  • 4th by 20th of the 12th month
  • NB: Farming Income is due in 2 installments:
    – (1st installment  (75%) by 20th of 9th month)
    – (2nd installment (25%) by 20th of 12th month)
  • Tax balance by end of 4th month after year end
  • Self-Assessment Return by end of the 6th month after year end

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