Local & International / Expatriate Employee Remuneration Structuring

A&A joined the United Tax Network – Worldwide (UTN), as a designate local member firm for Kenya, effective July 2017.

UTN provides expatriate tax solutions for expatriate employees worldwide by combining solid local knowledge with global experience and expertise.

Its worldwide presence and streamlined processes ensure seamless interactions and connected services through the whole global mobility process.

Accelerated global expansion and integration in recent years has presented a wide array of opportunities for companies playing in the global village. This has also led to myriad challenges in finding the right professional expertise to manage a globally mobile workforce in the face of dynamic compliance issues and stricter rules imposed by local governments.

Core services under UTN include:

  • Tax compliance
  • Payroll consulting
  • Assignment structuring
  • Tax advisory & analysis
  • International Social Security analysis
  • Equity remuneration structuring

By joining the UTN network, A&A offers flexible, efficient and affordable solutions for the UTN expatriate clientele and its own.