Integrated Reporting Consulting

According to the International Integrated Reporting Framework, Integrated Reporting is a practice founded on integrated rationale resulting in a periodic integrated report by an organization about value creation over time, with related communications regarding aspects of value creation.

An integrated report is a summary indicating how an entity’s strategy, governance, performance and prospects, lead to value creation in the short, medium and long term, in the context of its external setting.

The framework indicates that Integrated Reporting is an evolution of corporate reporting, with a focus on brevity, strategic importance and future implications. As well as improving the quality of information contained in the final report, it makes the reporting process itself more productive, resulting in tangible benefits. It requires and brings about integrated thinking, enabling a better understanding of the factors that materially affect an organization’s ability to create value over time. It can lead to behavioral changes and improvement in performance throughout an organization.

A&A’s accounting team has trained on Integrated Reporting and has assisted entities in Kenya in the implementation of the same.