Kenya PAYE Tax Calculator (Using Rates Effective Feb 2024)

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Points to Note:

  • The old NSSF rates (under the repealed NSSF Act Cap 258) were effective up to the payroll month Jan. 2023. New NSSF rates (under the NSSF Act No. 45 of 2013) took effect from Feb. 2023, after the determination of a court case. Effective 01.02.2024, the NSSF LEL increases from KES. 6,000 to KES 7,000 and the NSSF UEL increases from KES. 18,000 to KES 36,000.
  • As at 01.o1.2023, the NHIF amount deducted in this computation is based on NHIF rates which took effect from 01.04.2015:
  • On 19.03.24, the Kenya Affordable Housing Act, 2024 was enacted into law, introducing a Housing Levy, deducted at 1.5% of the employee’s gross monthly pay, with the employer 100% matching the employee’s contribution as part of the total monthly levy contributions, effective the PAYE period March 2024. Tax resident individuals shall be entitled to an affordable housing relief of 15% of their monthly contribution, subject to a cap of KES 9,000 p.m. or KES 108,000 p.a.
  • Effective 01.03.24, Reliefs include Monthly Personal Relief of Kshs 2,400, plus an NHIF Relief of 15% of an individual’s NHIF contribution, plus 15% tax relief to Kenyan tax residents who have paid the affordable housing levy. This is as per the provisions of the Kenya Finance Act 2021 (NHIF relief) and the Kenya Affordable Housing Act, 2024 (AHL relief).
  • Allowable pension contributions other than NSSF (including NSSF contributions other than the statutory amount), mortgage interest on owner-occupier property, contributions to Home Ownership Savings Plans (HOSPs) (now defunct as per Kenya Finance Act 2020), insurance relief (other than the above NHIF relief), amongst others, have particular treatments in this PAYE computation. Feel free to contact us if you have queries on such applicable cases.

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